The Legend of the Seven Rings

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Many years have passed since the War of the Ring and the fall of Barad-dûr. Heroic actions of the Fellowship of the Ring are being passed on as legends. The Fourth Era has begun, a time of peace, which has faded all stories about Rings and „the one to rule them all” from the minds of Shire’s residents. All hobbits sighed in relief: „Finally, some peace and quiet „… But are they right?

After the end of the Third Era, most elves left Middle Earth taking three rings created for that race with them. Nine rings created for humans have been destroyed after the defeat of the Lord of Darkness. Nobody knows, however, what happened to the seven rings created for dwarves…

Rumour has it, that king Durin VII, blinded by greed and lust for power, decided to reclaim that, which once belonged to his people. He supposedly has already collected all seven rings, hid them in Moria and, using some less than moral techniques, manipulated some of the elves still living in Middle Earth to once again imbue them with magic. Some even dare to say, that a new One Ring has been created to rule over the other seven…

To you, however, those stories make no sense! As hobbits, the only things you desire is some peace and a full pantry. Stories about evil dwarves are even less believable since you’ve heard about your great great grandfather Bilbo’s amazing journey. They never posed a threat to the residents of Shire!

Oh! Uncle Crumb has invited you for a tea, it’s time to go! What’s the worst that could happen?

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