Crystal of the damned

Poziom trudności
Ilość graczy

You came into possession of strange documents from a famous archaeologist, after studying the notes for hours, you managed to decipher the access code to the hiding place where the strange parchment was located, and after thorough cleaning, a legendary map appeared before your eyes.

As adventurers, you set off on a cruise without a second thought. Your ship is rushing over the waves, and the wind is carrying you towards the unknown. After a dozen or so days of travel, you notice an island on the horizon. Even from a distance it seems unusual – it is surrounded by mysterious fogs. A quiet, melodious song hangs in the air. When you reach the shore, you see a picturesque beach surrounded by dense vegetation. You decide to go deeper into the jungle, according to the markings on the map.

The sight of an abandoned pirate tavern gives you mixed feelings. On the one hand, the excitement of discovering a new place, on the other, the fear of the unknown. Your guide, a famous archaeologist and adventurer, stands in front of you and starts telling stories about pirates who were once stationed here and supposedly hid their treasures here. He talks about mysterious symbols carved in the walls and traps that were supposed to scare away uninvited guests. You decide to go inside and explore the tavern carefully. You have the irresistible impression that you are not alone here. In one of the corners you notice a chest that seems to be closed, but you manage to open it. Inside you find old maps, jewelry and gold coins. You face a dilemma – should you follow the clues and unravel the secrets of this place, or maybe even save someone? Can he come back and share his find with the world?

The choice is yours. Will you decide to continue the adventure and perhaps take an even more dangerous journey? Or will you consider what you have already discovered to be successful enough? Regardless of your decision, one thing is certain – your adventure is just beginning.