The Warrior’s Spirit

Poziom trudności
Ilość graczy

How much is your life worth? What about the lives of your loved ones? How much are you willing to sacrifice for your honor, traditions and beliefs? And what if the spirits of your ancestors could give you protection? Would you trust them? Would you let a higher power dictate your fate? And what if someone is able to control  those spirits?

You freshly graduated from the police academy. It’s a mystery, why the higher-ups chose you to take on this case, however the more you get to know about it, the more you realize that there is nothing to be happy about. Hundreds of documents in the archives and one object repeatedly found, secured and then lost just to be found again on another crime scene. Everything leads you to one address. In a luxurious neighbourhood there is an old hideout of the Bloody Chief, who, after escaping prison, was caught yet again but died in mysterious circumstances before the trial…

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