Steampunk: An Alternate Reality

Poziom trudności
Ilość graczy

Welcome to the Victorian England! Any less experienced traveller might get fooled and arrive at a conclusion, that they just travelled back in time. This reality, however, is way different from the one that we learned about in schools! Here, the industrial revolution was a mere first step in the so-called „Steam Revolution”, which changed the lives of all the people who were there to witness it. James Watt’s steam machine was just the beginning. Soon, more and more amazing steam-powered inventions began advancing the technology on a never seen before scale!

The Steam Revolution in Great Britain is led by Professor James P. Steamson – a well-known genius inventor, scientist, philanthropist and adoptive father of a few orphans. His achievements have revolutionized the economy on a national scale. Such success, however, always brings with it envious people, who will stop at nothing to get rid of the competition. The situation is only worsened by Professor’s enigmatic past and the fact, that all the secretes of his research are probably only known by his adopted children.

Rumours have been spreading, that Steamson’s newest invention could endanger the Queen and even the whole country! What really hides within the modest office belonging to the inventor? Who would want to hurt the Professor and why? Only people closest to him are able to answer these questions, so get going before it’s too late!

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