The Perfume

Poziom trudności
Ilość graczy

A flowery aroma with a drop of lust, a hint of bitterness and a pinch of fear… Is there a recipe for an perfect scent? One, that would be a quintessence of your innermost desires?

Many have lost themselves in a search for a perfect scent. Can a murderer be considered a viosionary trying to obtain such perfection? A perfection that fills your whole body and robs you of your senses…

In a small village, where a lonely car sometimes appears by mistake and the train tracks are a mere memento of a life that used to thrive here, lives a family – and old couple with their son and a beloved dog. They hired a young boy to help them tending to their cornfield during the summer. The boy was a hard worker and all he wanted for his help was a bowl of warm soup and a place to sleep in. His only luggage was a bag filled with empty glass bottles and a book called „The Perfume”. He was mesmerized by a story about acquiring the perfect scent. The boy spent all his free time at the old abandoned warehouse on the other side of the train track. And so, day by day, the summer was coming to an end…

Autumn came. A friendly local shop-owner, worried by a lack of contact with his friends, decided to pay them a visit. As it turned out, the house was empty, even the old dog was nowhere to be seen. The man started to search the estate room by room until suddenly he smelled a strange, sharp aroma and he blacked out…

Waking up in a tight, dark room, being intoxicated with drugs, it is difficult to distinguish fiction from reality. You have to face your fears and discover the truth about the dissappearance of your friends.