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The great battle for Hogwarts had taken place years ago. The death-eaters and their master have been defeated, most of them died, some have been taken to Azkaban. The magical world was finally at peace… Or was it?

Our victory in this battle wouldn’t be possible without the help of a legendery professor of elixirs and defense against dark magic, a guardian of the House of Slytherin – Professor Severus Tobias Snape. His courage and selflessness were so great that, after his death, he’s been awarded with the First Class Merlin’s Badge. Professor, however, used to keep a lot of secrets, most of which haven’t been uncovered to this day. There are rumours, that after years of research and experimenting, he has managed to create an elixir, that, just by existing, endangers the whole magical world!

Those, who still blindly believe in the resurrection of the Dark Lord, decided to obtain this mysterious elixir, Hogwarts is not safe. There is no time to waste! The door to the last undiscovered chamber belonging to Professor Snape has been opened. What lies on the other side?