Expecto Patronum!

Poziom trudności
Ilość graczy

A silver aura that materializes into a guardian spirit is an effect of a powerful defensive spell. Only the most experienced wizards are able to summon a Patronus.

If a wizard wants to summon a Patronus, he has to do the following: think only about the most beautiful moments of his life, let the good memories fill his whole being, make a circular motion with his wand and say the name of the spell – „Expecto Patronum!”.

It was supposed to be the best day of your lives. You had received a letter from the School of Magic and Wizardry, went to the Diagon Alley and bought the necessary equipment. Your hearts were full of joy and exciment as you ran through the wall at the Platform 9 3/4. Finally, you arrived at the school, the Sorting Hat chose your school Houses…

It’s a late evening, you’ve unpacked your things at the dormitory but just as you began getting comfortable, you heard a rumour, that the dementors are coming. All of the older students and the teachers are at the year-opening Quidditch match. There is no time to waste! You have to hurry and save the school. Everything is in your hands! And remember: think only about your best memories!